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Our ink management system specializes in offering a complete software package that optimizes ink inventory and automates ink estimation, mixing and recycling processes for the printing market.

Our software helps you evaluate and adjust proposed formulas. Moreover, based on the surface areas of inks on a product, you can estimate the respective ink quantities needed for that product; thus, making your dispensing process more accurate.

Our robust recycling module helps your organization eliminate excess ink inventory, minimize the possibility of ink deterioration and reduce waste. By reworking the leftover inks, your organization will become more eco-friendly.

Estimate ink quantities based on surface area of the product. Store estimated ink quantity as a product for repeated batch dispensing process.
Dispensing & Recycling
Dispense custom inks from formulas.v Recycle custom inks previsouly mixed in new dispense jobs and minimize inventory.
After printing, the quantity of left over mixed ink is returned back to system to be recycled in other dispense batches
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