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about us
company overview

inxet was founded in 2005 to address the growing needs within the printing industry for optimizing and automating the entire ink dispensing process.

inxet's mission is to fully automate and simplify ink managment from dispensing to printing for companies who heavily rely on custom ink for their printing jobs.

inxet software makes it possible to optmize ink inventory by providing just in time ink mixing capabilities. Also, it offers a robust ink recycling feature which enables users to transform a custom ink to another custom ink with a similar base color set. Thus, by recycling left over inks from previous print jobs,companies can effectivly reduce ink waste and become more eco friendly.

In addition to the features mentioned above, inxet software lets users store product color specification to streamline repeated print jobs and estimate color quantities based on surface areas.Moreover, inxet software enables users to schedule dispensing transactions and track product orders.
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